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    230 posts Venisia is really just a kid in adult form. She is a published author, photographer, artist, executive assistant, public relations coordinator,...
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    94 posts Freelance Game Writer and Journalist. I'm an Independent Writer who's passionate about spreading the word about all things gaming. My favorite...
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    50 posts Believe it or not the Wizard of Oz is not at home. Please leave your name and info after the tone. Likes: Comic books, Video Games,...
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    47 posts I am a professional freelance writer, bartender and JTP Mentor based in Atlanta, GA. I spend my days creating copy for hardwood floor companies or...
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    10 posts Aspiring IGN employee out of San Antonio, Texas. Sic Parvis Magna
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    4 posts Gamer, scholar, researcher, your fellow nerd neighbor, trying to think about the unlimited world of games.
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