Justin Michael

From Atari 2600 to TTRPG and beyond I game, therefore I am. Can generally be found DMing D&D on the weekend, homebrewing beer, or tripping over stuff in my house while playing VR. Hopeful for something *Ready Player One* meets *S.A.O Nerve Gear* before I kick the bucket.


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  • Emily Parker

    47 posts I am a professional freelance writer, bartender and JTP Mentor based in Atlanta, GA. I spend my days creating copy for hardwood floor companies or...
  • Nia Jayne

    2 posts Just a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. ALL the video games.
  • Manish Sharma

    1 posts Hello friends, My name is Manish Sharma. I am a game reviewer. I love to play video games.
  • NYK Nemesis

    1 posts Earphone adalah salah satu perangkat audio yang praktis dan juga dapat Anda bawa ke mana saja. Ada banyak sekali model dan juga spesifikasi...
  • Senperfect

    Everyday, I am bombarded by emails form one supposed guru or another promising masses of wealth and fortunes just by implementing a couple of...
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    Here's a question for you, how do you relax? I really love to spend time at online casinos in my spare time. Recently I learned about video poker...
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    Wireless Headphones Guru is a bunch of headphone experts who help music lovers find the best wireless headphone to meet their audio needs. We also...
  • Oliver Polyakov

    I love to travel. To be honest, it is not always possible because the work takes a lot of time. But I am happy that I like my work and it comes...