Graduated from Full-Sail with a BS in Game Design (Speaking of BS, how about that student loan debt, eh?).


  • Paige McGovern
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    49 posts Hello! Thanks for visiting my page. All you need to know about me is that I'm a university student and writer who loves writing for GameSkinny. I...
  • tofuslayer

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  • Rena Pongchai [Kazurenai]

    14 posts I like RPG, visual novels and generally anything that makes me feel like I'm living in a world that's not this one and I'm some super hot heroine...
  • KatherineZell

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  • ThatRainbowThing
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  • Crazy_Ivan

    4 posts A dude in his early thirties working with heavy machinery, installing triple-phase generators, annoying all people around with sci-fi...
  • Nia Jayne

    2 posts Just a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. ALL the video games.
  • Manish Sharma

    1 posts Hello friends, My name is Manish Sharma. I am a game reviewer. I love to play video games.
  • NYK Nemesis

    1 posts Earphone adalah salah satu perangkat audio yang praktis dan juga dapat Anda bawa ke mana saja. Ada banyak sekali model dan juga spesifikasi...
  • schnelle-schreibe

    Dieses Schreiben Firma ist solides Essay bemerkt gesehen auf mit wirtschaftlich Verkaufspreise und gut Hilfe. So stellen Sie...
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