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  • Amanda Wallace
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    391 posts Former rugby player, social media person, and occasional writer.
  • Destrolyn.Bechgeddig
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    141 posts Bearded British game-bear. Likes his JRPGs accompanied with a G&T. Lives in London, UK. Also writes a lot about theatre and film. *jazz hands*
  • J Nicole Miller

    81 posts GameSkinny Intern-Survivor Phase Gamer, Geek, Harry Potter fangirl
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    48 posts
  • GSRoundTable
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    19 posts The Official GameSkinny podcast, created by gamers for gamers. News, gaming culture, and rogue unicorns are all fair game. Have a topic you want...
  • auroraplaysminecraft

    3 posts I'm a you tuber who is a violinist who is trying to set little goals to lead up to my biggest goal, which is to become an Orchestra teacher.
  • David Paul

    1 posts I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Conversion Specialist, Business Blogger & Strategist, Growth Hacker. I help businesses increase conversions using...