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Driven by Creativity, Inspired by Technology. Daydreamer, Game Lover, Maker of silly creations with Code and Film!


  • Venisia Gonzalez
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    230 posts Venisia is a public relations professional, video game industry contractor, published author, freelance entertainment journalist, copy editor, a...
  • Miranda Kirk
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    206 posts Former member and Senior Intern of the JTP program, woo!
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    132 posts Avid gamer and all around geek for over 20 years
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    100 posts
  • Luke Luby

    47 posts Journalist and Google-certified content marketing specialist based in Torrevieja, Spain. Featured in AppTrigger, Headstuff, and more.
  • Jay Prodigious

    46 posts Have been writing since I can remember, have always loved reviews (gaming mostly), and have a knack for the written word.
  • Benjamski

    42 posts I'm a shameless geek for anything comedy, gaming and coffee. I play most of my games on PlayStation and drink my coffee with butter. I have deep...
  • Delta Squad Reaper

    20 posts Just a nerd enjoying the geekier things in life.
  • Ryan "August" Christensen

    7 posts Freelance ghostwriter, Passionate gamer, music enthusiast and all round geek. ryanachristensen82@gmali.com
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