Pokemon TV App Comes to Kindle Fire

Get all the Pokémon TV you want as the Pokémon TV app makes its way to the Kindle Fire.

If you're anything like me you were incredibly excited when Pokémon  finally came to Netflix (or when Pokémon came to Google Maps). Time to revisit your childhood nostalgia, say goodbye to Butterfree all over again, and watch Ash, Misty, and Brock repeatedly engage in accidental adventures (not to mention the amazing antics of Team Rocket). 

Unfortunately there are only so many episodes on Netflix, so my Pokémon craving becomes more and more desperate as the days go on. Finally, in the form of the Pokémon TV app, there is a fix. 

The Pokémon TV App has been around the App Store and Google Play store for some time already, garnering over 2.5 million installations since its release in 2013. Now, it finally comes to Kindle Fire. (Bold is my emphasis)

There’s a new way to catch up on Pokémon animation anytime, anywhere on the Kindle Fire with The Pokémon Company International’s launch of the official Pokémon TV application for the popular tablet.

The Kindle Fire launch adds another platform for the Pokémon TV app, which has had more than 2.5 million installations since its 2013 launch on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and Android devices.

Now featuring more episodes than ever before, the Pokémon TV app helps fans follow many of their favorite episodes from the animated television series. It is updated weekly from a library of more than 700 episodes spanning 16 seasons. Pokémon fans can also use the app to watch special features, trailers, and Pokémon movie events.

This free app hosts over 700 Pokémon episodes and is updated weekly? Count me in. This has given me new reason to use my Kindle Fire, and you probably won't hear from me again until my latest Pokémon binge is complete. Gotta catch 'em all!

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Published Apr. 23rd 2014

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