GameMaker Studio 2 Now in Open Beta for Mac OS

YoYo Games' 2D game designer suite GameMaker Studio 2 goes into open beta for Mac OS.

YoYo Games has just released its 2D game development platform, GameMaker Studio 2, into the wild for Mac OS as an open beta. GameMaker Studio 2 allows budding game developers to use an intuitive system to build 2D games, which scales from dragging and dropping options for beginners, to a robust coding platform for experts.

So far, GameMaker Studio 2 has support for Android, iOS, HTML5, PS4, Xbox One, Windows Desktop, and Windows UWP, with the open beta for Mac OS rounding out YoYo Games' support on all current-gen gaming devices.

James Cox, General Manager of YoYo Games, says that:

“Mac owners love video games just as much as PC or console owners. Bringing GameMaker Studio 2 to Mac will help us reach as many budding or expert developers as possible. With GMS2 we are eliminating the OS roadblock many developers find themselves behind when they want to focus on the Mac platform.”

Potential game designers who want to participate in the Mac OS open beta can sign up at the official YoYo Games website. There's no word yet on when the full version will release. 


Published Jul. 3rd 2017

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