Pokemon TCG: 11 Most Expensive Rebel Clash Cards

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Boss's Orders (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $39.99

This is the type of card that will be played in almost every single deck in standard format. You will see at least two  or even three  copies of Boss's Orders in each deck. It's just that good. 

This makes it the most sought out supporter card from the Rebel Clash, which naturally hypes up the market price. The foil hyper-rare print is especially valuable, as it now stands at around $40.

It's not the most expensive standard card in history, but it will keep this price for quite some time, which is especially important for investors.


These were the most expensive cards in the latest Pokemon TCG expansion Rebel Clash. Be sure to check out other Pokemon articles and lists right here.

Published May. 11th 2020

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