Final Fantasy Go There

Square Enix's Final Fantasy crossover campaign has just recieved it's own website in Japan.

Square Enix has unveiled their crossover campaign website in Japan. The website is called Final Fantasy Go There. Due to the way the site is setup I cannot translate the information on the site so I hope there will be an english version soon. The following is the most current information I have to date on the crossover campaign.

Final Fantasy XIV

Recently, Naoki Yoshida talked about Lightning's appearance in Final Fantasy XIV. He told fans about Square Enix's the desire to get the Final Fantasy teams working closer together. When he discussed these things at the Japan Expo in Paris they showed images of gear created for introduction in Final Fantasy XIV that would belong in the Final Fantasy XIII world. Yes, there will be several Lightning and Snow lookalikes running around. The way in which Lightning will be integrated into the Final Fantasy XIV world according to Yoshida, will be natural to the game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Earlier this week, a new costume for Lightning was revealed for Lightning Returns. This costume consists of turning Lightning into a Mi'Qote and gives her the race specific starting gear look. I think this is just another attempt to continue to build Lightning's popularity. Lightning Returns is starting to feel a bit like Final Fantasy X-2 in my opinion. Dress Spheres anyone?

Final Fantasy X|X-2

Speaking of Final Fantasy X|X-2, Final Fantasy Go There also includes that logo on their front page. There is nothing revealed yet in connection with X or X-2 but the fact that it is included on the site is pretty big. I hope to see big things come out of this, but only time will tell.

Published Jul. 18th 2013
  • Ryu Sheng
    Im the opposite, frankly i think Lightning should be taken to the deepest part of the ocean, weighted down with snow and the rest of the cast from the gawd awful franchise and dropped into the depths never to be heard from again.

    The mechanics of of LR were top notch, won't deny that, i loved the way the combat worked and they way you swapped costumes, took me back to X2. However the story and cast were terrible, and sadly they're still going to keep ramming that garbage down our throats telling us it's the nectar of gods.
  • Cortalia
    First off Im not sayin Im just saying... if Lightning did show up in FFXIV... it'd make me drop GW2 in an instant, because not only is Lightning badass but she's voiced by one of my favorite voice actress's Alis Hillis (Lightning-FFXIII, Liara T'soni - Mass Effect).

    Second, I can appreciate the concept behind the idea, being bringing the developer teams together so they can pull ideas and get fresh approaches looking into the future, which will hopefully lead to more fresh and solid content releases versus the standard expansion stuff MMO's roll out...
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    It's already guranteed Lightning will appear in FFXIV the details of what it entails are unknown, or even if she will be voiced but she will be in the game.

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