GW2 Fashion Contest - Vote Roundup!

It's the confidence in their walk. The hard glint in their eyes.The 'don't mess with me today' vibe from the set of their shoulders...

Or maybe it's the giant antlers, crazy plate mail and ginormous weapons. It's hard to tell.

What we do know is that these 10 are the finalists for Most Imposing in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest.

Which one of these fine but fearsome Tyrians would you not want to cross paths or swords with?


33 votes - Hermosa
18 votes - Jax
11 votes - Nadia
5 votes - Infinity
4 votes - Rjorn
2 votes - Switch
1 vote - Supersnoro
1 vote - Umbric Blade
 no votes - Thar
 no votes - Iroh

Published Aug. 27th 2013

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