GW2 Fashion Contest - Vote Roundup!

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Necromancers completely swept this category.

They picked it up, and dragged it off kicking and screaming to some dark, terrifying cave of horrors, where it would never to see the light of day again.

Okay, maybe a little over the top. But you'll be feeling the despair yourself after you check these dark fashion icons out.


18 votes - Scyythid
11.3 votes - Fading Shadow
7 votes - Morana
6 votes - Goshawk
4.8 votes - Sinderella
2.5 votes - Dúchana
2 votes - Xenakisbane
2 vote - Miss Edgy
0.3 vote - Djin Sera
no votes - Rokk Soulstorm

Published Aug. 27th 2013

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