The Best of Wallpaper Engine That's Not Anime

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Sunrise, Sunset

Wallpaper: Amazing Landscape (Low CPU • Music)

After a long day's night of work on your laptop, you sometimes want to look at something that's relaxing. And Wallpaper Engine offers plenty of relaxing wallpapers to easy your mind.

Steam user Pixol created this wallpaper of a simplistic yet beautiful forest with a reindeer and lake in the center. Steam users can also experience watching time move as the sky changes from day to night while providing meditative music for a relaxing atmosphere. 


Wallpaper Engine offers plenty of options for Steam users who are looking for a non-anime background. From video games to interactive experiences, this Steam program covers pretty much any genre or style. 

What do you think about these wallpaper designs? Let us know in the comments below!

Published May. 20th 2017

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