How to Eat Food in Mobile Game The Trail

How to eat to your heart's content (literally) so you don't collapse on the trail in Peter Molyneux's newest mobile game.

The Trail is longtime game designer and visionary Peter Molyneux's latest entry to the gaming market -- and as with his other games it has plenty of little aspects to dig your teeth into.

There's a lot to remember as you push from camp to camp in The Trail, so much so that the smallest facets of the game can be quickly forgotten -- one such facet being the ability to eat to restore stamina.

The further you get, the longer the trek from one camp to another becomes. Eating is a necessary part of staying on your feet and keeping moving.

It's important to remember that the faster you go, the faster your stamina drains. The big plus to walking quickly or even jogging is that you reach the next destination faster, but if you're out of food you're better off walking at a leisurely pace and trying to find something to eat.

So how do you eat in The Trail?

Elementary, my dear Watson!

First you open your backpack and find some tasty treats inside. Hopefully you at least have an apple to feast upon.

Tap and hold your finger on the food you want to eat. This will bring up the context menu for that food, which will have one icon to examine the food and one to eat it.

Tap on the eating icon to eat your food and restore your stamina.

As a side note -- if you want to feed Beatrice's bird, which is so dutifully ready to help you find quest items, drag an apple to the bird itself. If you drag it onto the bird's mouth it will eat the apple automatically, so don't drag and drop hoping it will eat.

And that's it!

Eating in The Trail is easy as can be, but it can be so long from the time the tutorial has you eat to the time you actually need to that it can be easy to forget. Hopefully this guide has set your memory straight so you can keep your gathering-crafting-selling nature walk going.

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Published Nov. 10th 2016

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