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Gamers itching to be on the forefront of news about the console can now sign up to an official newsletter.

Sony is slowly drip-feeding us more bits of information about their next generation console, including the very recent news that they plan to release PlayStation TV on the model. However we're still left in the lurch about the release date and what other titles will the joining the ranks along with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Thief, and Bungie's new game Destiny.

But there's some salvation for those who are itching to find out more about the console, as you can now sign up to a dedicated official mailing list. You can find the sign up page via your country's official PlayStation 4 webpage via

Promising that you'll receive brand new news about the much sought after piece of hardware "as it breaks", it also promises exclusive interviews, videos, and announcements. Whilst the rhetoric isn't exactly ground-breaking or unusual, it's enough to at least piqué our interest and curiosity, and no doubt that of other eager gamers too.

What is fast becoming certain, though, is that the PS4 is set to trump the XBox One as competition, as gamers become increasingly dissatisfied with all the bad news, faux pas, and u-turns that Microsoft seem to make.

Of course, you can always skip the newsletter altogether and just go ahead and pre-order the console now. But half of the fun is in the waiting, no?

The newsletter sign up page at

Published Aug. 16th 2013
  • Critley Lynn King
    Personally I cant wait for the ps4. With Kingdom Hearts III coming out on the ps4 it is sure to be the first next gen console I will be buying.

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