Live The Legend of Zelda with Real Escape Games

Escape enthusiasts and Zelda fans rejoice as Real Escape Games presents Defends of the Triforce, a collaboration with The Legend of Zelda.

Ever wanted to live the magic of The Legend of Zelda in real life? Well now is your chance, as Real Escape Games has teamed up with The Legend of Zelda to bring Defenders of the Triforce. A unique escape room event, Defenders of the Triforce combines puzzles and Zelda-inspired story to heighten the experience. 

Defenders of the Triforce will be making an appearance in 4 locations:

  • San Francisco on Jan. 31st
  • San Diego on Feb. 24th
  • Phoenix on Feb. 15th
  • Los Angeles on Feb. 10th

More locations will be available, but the dates have not been solidified.

To participate in the event, you'll have to purchase one of the packages. The silver package is $10, while the gold package is $20. Early bird discounts are available as well -- so if you plan on going, grab them soon to take advantage of the cheaper price.

Since it's dangerous to go alone, groups of 6 will need to be assembled. Don't have a team of 6? No worries -- Real Escape Games' staff will be working at the door to sort smaller teams into groups of 6. 

For more information on the venues, what Real Escape Games does, or to purchase tickets, check out their site.

Will you be attending one of the events or purchasing a ticket for the Zelda fan in your life? Let us know in the comments!

Published Nov. 17th 2016

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