This The Division beta glitch can net you some serious Dark Zone funds and rep

The Division closed beta is about to end, and so is this exploit.

The Division beta got extended to Tuesday, so why not have a little extra fun before the servers go down? One glitch lets you reap the rewards of the Dark Zone in full, raining DZ funds and EXP on your character like a murderous thundercloud.

If you've played around in the Dark Zone at all, you should know you can become rogue by shooting friendly players. Becoming a rogue flags you for others to shoot down with no penalty, much like PvP flagging in MMORPGs. And like many MMORPGs, there's a timer before you leave the rogue state.

There are five ranks to being rogue in The Division during this beta, and your rank increases as you continue to kill friendlies. Each rogue rank has a countdown timer until you return to normal, but your rank will rise if you continue to shoot down friendly players. If you want it to count down, you have to stop killing -- and you have to stay alive. Stay alive for the count, and you'll get a nice reward of EXP and Dark Zone funds.

Normally you have to struggle to stay alive when rogue, but this glitch removes the majority of the risk and makes it easy as can be. 

You can watch this video for a realtime rundown (I highly recommend it).

Essentially the steps are as follows:

  • Turn rogue, whatever rank you would like (5 gives the best rewards)
  • Go out of bounds and let the timer run out to be teleported to your last used checkpoint, which is a safe area
  • Let the timer run out and make those DZ funds

I normally don't condone glitch exploits in online games, but what harm can really be done with The Division beta ending in two days and a character wipe coming with it? Get out there and make it rain some murder for big bucks.


Published Jan. 31st 2016

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