RUMOR: Project Morpheus has a price, a release date, and a new name

Officially, Project Morpheus might not be called that at all...

There were already rumors about Project Morpheus from this year's E3 convention, but Sony Belgium might have released some more information on the device. 

Although it has now been taken down from the site, the Belgium branch of Sony Entertainment had released a price, a release date and a new name for the virtual reality machine known, up until now, as Project Morpheus. 

The price would be 299.99 euros, and the release date would be January 29th, 2016. But that's not all, gamers. Project Morpheus might actually be called RealEyes, in the end. This does not come as a huge surprise, however, because some leaked documents during this year's E3 had already shown this name. 

So, rumor or truth? Sony France replied to fans on Twitter saying: 

"The price and release date of the Morpheus helmet have yet to be confirmed, just a little more patience!" 

2016 is bound to be a true virtual battle between Sony's device, HTC's ReVive and the Oculus Rift. 

Project Morpheus to be tested at the Paris Games Week 2015

After Gamescom 2015, it is this year's Paris Games Week's turn to allow French gamers (and tourist gamers) to be able to test out Project Morpheus themselves. The event will be from October 29th to November 1st. 

"Gamers will be able to use Morpheus for the first time in France, and it will be during the Paris Games Week."  

Sony France announced this happy news for French gamers through an interview conducted by, a French gaming news website. Richard Brunois, communications director at Sony France, is the one who announced it. 


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Published Sep. 9th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    RealEyes? Oh god I hope that's not the name...
    "What you got there?"
    "Oh RealEyes."
    "I can see that, but that device in your hand..."
    "Yer, RealEyes."
    Terrible name.

    I honestly don't actually see the point of this VR headset, I'm pretty sure that soon after release, someone will make a device to allow Vive owners to connect to the PS4, or even Oculus owners.
    1 company with control over a peripheral, no matter how cool, means that it locks off most of the potential market. Kinect sold ok, but why? Because it works on Windows PCs. If (hopefully not called) RealEyes would work on PC, Mac, and Linux (as Sony don't own an OS it's a think they would do) then I think it's a real contender and direct competition for the other 2 main headsets.
    Microsoft don't have VR, they have an AR-hybrid system, so Microsoft are doing their own thing which is nice (usually they try to copy, mostly from Linux).

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