11 best missions in Fallout: New Vegas

10. Come Fly With Me

I know not everyone loves this mission, particularly because it is a lot of "go here, get that, come back, go again." However, the pay-off to this quest is one of the most memorable in the entire game.

The plot begins when you reach the REPCONN Test Site and are greeted by a gravelly voice on the intercom. Eventually you meet up with the voice and it is that of Chris Haversam, a deluded human man living with ghouls. The leader of the ghouls, Jason Bright, explains that he, Chris, and the ghouls have been planning for years to reach the "sacred place." Where that is, exactly, is debatable but the common assumption is the Moon. Anyway, you have to clear the facility of Nightkin, find atomic fuel, fix the rocket thrusters, and bring 3 Sugar Bombs, in order to get the rockets working.

Once the rockets are in working order you have the duty/joy of telling jerk Haversam that he cannot accompany the ghouls on their journey. Then you make your way to the viewing platform and initiate the launch sequence. Watching the roof open up and the rockets take off is the type of sight rarely seen in Fallout, and it gave you the feeling that you'd accomplished something. Sadly one of the rockets thrusters malfunctioned and it flew off in a different direction and likely crashed but that only made the mission more memorable.

Published Nov. 8th 2015

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