11 best missions in Fallout: New Vegas

Birds of a Feather

'Birds of a Feather' is a mission in which you have a short-lived career as a bouncer, then trek far across the Mojave in search of a female companion, who you then send to her death, and finally oversee a weapons deal that turns south.

The Van Graff's are one of the main gangs on the New Vegas Strip, and 'Birds of a Feather' is your primary altercation with them. The reason this mission makes the list is because of how morally grey it leaves you feeling -- should you really have fooled Rose of Sharon Cassidy into coming with you, only to get her killed? Of course you have the choice to fight the Van Graff's but that option is basically suicide and Cass usually dies anyway.

'Birds of a Feather' encapsulates the Fallout experience; making difficult choices that might leave you feeling dirty afterwards but which ultimately benefit you.

Published Nov. 8th 2015

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