11 best missions in Fallout: New Vegas


This mission is all about justice and revenge. There are a lot of better missions in Fallout: New Vegas but few feel as satisfying as 'Ring-a-Ding-Ding!'

After chasing Benny, the douche that shot you at the beginning of the game, you find out that he's at the Tops Casino, and once you gain entrance to the Strip you can confront him. But, seeing as this is Fallout, you don't have one option, you have several. You can run in and immediately shoot Benny in the face, which I'm sure many did. Players can speak with the casino owner, present evidence of Benny's guilt, and get him taken care of. You can also talk to the coward, who asks you to meet him upstairs to discuss a deal - which he of course does not show up to. Instead his goons do while he tucks tail and runs to Caesar's Legion.

Personally I was a fool and agreed to speak to him upstairs. After killing his goons I was enraged even further and made it my mission in (Fallout) life to kill the rat. When you arrive at Caesar's Legion you discover Benny, kneeling on the floor, hands tied. Caesar offers for you to kill him there and then, or to throw him into the arena with you and fight man-to-man. I chose the latter and beat Benny with my bare hands. I was more than satisfied with this option and hearing his smart-aleck quips as I punched his stupid face was the best end to the bitter rivalry.

Published Nov. 8th 2015

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