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Overcooked! 2

The original Overcooked! garnered a great deal of praise for its quirky mechanics and frantic co-op action, and Overcooked! 2 is no different.

The core mechanics remain the same, but the sequel adds a host of new features and an even zanier story than its predecessor (but don’t worry; if you never played the original, you’ll still be totally fine with this one). The Onion King, in his great foolishness, read from a forbidden book and brought to life an army of undead bread, called The Unbread, now wreaking havoc on the kingdom. Your goal? Cook stuff. Lots of stuff. Just go with it.

You’ll be making a wide variety of dishes, from sushi to burgers, adding the necessary ingredients and whipping things up as fast as you can. One of Overcooked! 2’s biggest draws, though, is the level diversity and interconnection with gameplay. You’ll contend with countless obstacles along the way, from kitchen fires to moving walkways, cars on a busy street to waves rocking your kitchen raft, depending on which level you’re tackling at the time.

Team17 bills it as a co-op game, but it’s completely playable solo if need be, and the toned-down difficulty makes it much more feasibly to play alone than before. The new throw mechanic helps there too. Boasting a lengthy main campaign, extra content, and side puzzles, you’ll be in the kitchen for a long time with this one.

Published Nov. 5th 2018

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