Best PC Games for Kids 2018

LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO games always build on the success of whatever franchise spawns them, and LEGO: The Incredibles is no different. It combines both the original The Incredibles and its sequel, adding in a new storyline for your enjoyment as well.

You’ll play as your favorite characters from the Parr family, solve wacky puzzles, and enjoy LEGO’s characteristic dry, tongue-in-cheek humor.

As you might expect, you utilize each character’s unique strengths to overcome obstacles. But this isn’t simply an Incredibles skin on the typical LEGO game: It’s fully open world, featuring an explorable hub spanning multiple environments, a day and night cycle, progress reports, character customization, and a host of baddies to take down.

Like any LEGO game, the difficulty never rises too high, but challenge seekers have over 100 characters to unlock and multiple collectibles they can search for. It’s got something for anyone, whether it be a younger gamer not quite skilled yet for more difficult outings, a Pixar fan, a LEGO fan, or just anyone looking for a fun game.

Published Nov. 5th 2018

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