Best PC Games for Kids 2018


If you remember Theme Park from years gone by, you’ll have a good idea of Parkasaurus’s foundations. Like the former, players run a theme park, only with dinos as the main exhibits. Along with crafting a quality park layout and entertaining activities for guests, you also manage the dinosaurs on display. Think Jurassic Park, only…no accidents.

The game gives players a great deal of control over enclosures and the park layout, and each dinosaur type requires a different care strategy to thrive. On top of that, you’ll also gather resources and expand the park’s technology as you grow, and you’ve got employees to manage as well. If it sounds like a lot to manage, that’s because it is.

Fortunately, the game provides tutorials at necessary points, and it’s a good balance between hand-holding and letting players explore for themselves. Guests also leave reviews based on their experiences, so kinda like the town reviews in Animal Crossing, it gives you some concrete problems you can work on for the future. The graphics are simple, but charming, and the user interface is, mercifully, clean and easy to work with, even if there are a few too many clicks required for certain tasks.

The game’s still in early access, with its developers actively calling for player input so they can make improvements where needed; it’s a good way to get your younger players involved in thinking about what makes a game good and how they can potentially help make it even better.

Published Nov. 5th 2018

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