Destiny 2: The Dawning Cookie Recipes and Ingredients

All cookie recipes and ingredients for Destiny 2's The Dawning in a single place.

The Dawning comes to Destiny 2 every December. This year is no different, and there are even more cookie recipes to bake in Eva Levante's new and improved oven. Cookies give you rewards, acting as a currency to various vendors around the system. Deliver enough cookies to the right people, and you'll be able to farm for the seasonal Cold Front SMGAvalanche LMG, Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle, and Zephyr Stasis Sword

You will also need Dawning cookie recipes to complete Dawning weekly and repeatable bounties. These bounties grant Bright Dust and plenty of XP to level up your season pass.

Let's look at the Dawning ingredients you'll need to make each of the recipes, then run through the recipes and their recipients.

Dawning Cookie Ingredients

There are three main ingredients you will need to make cookies in The Dawning: 

  1. The main ingredient that drops from killing enemies on various worlds
  2. A secondary ingredient that comes from getting kills and activating abilities
  3. Essence of the Dawning, received from any activity throughout Destiny 2

Check out our guide for more on Essence of the Dawning

Main Ingredients

Every enemy type in Destiny 2 (except for other Guardians in the Crucible) has a corresponding ingredient that can drop when it's killed. These drops are low chance, so you will need to grind for enough to make all of the cookie recipes.

Below is a list of each enemy type and the ingredient they drop:

  • The Vex: Vex Milk
  • The Fallen: Ether Cane
  • The Cabal: Cabal Oil
  • The Hive: Chitin Powder
  • The Taken: Taken Butter 
  • The Scorn: Dark Ether Cane 

Every enemy type — boss, miniboss, ultra, red bar — has a chance to drop an ingredient of their given type as well.

Secondary Ingredients

Secondary ingredients drop based on the way you kill an enemy, not the enemy type itself. Secondary ingredients are more common.

Below is an alphabetical list of each secondary ingredient and how you can acquire it:

  • Balanced Flavors: Kill enemies with a scout rifle, sniper, or a bow. Precision kills not required.

  • Bullet Spray: Kill enemies with submachine guns, light machine guns, or auto rifles.

  • Dark Frosting: Kill any enemy with Stasis damage from any source.

  • Delicious Explosion: Kill enemies with grenade abilities and rocket or grenade launchers.

  • Electric Flavor: Kill enemies with Arc damage from any Guardian source, either weapon or ability.

  • Finishing Touch: Kill an enemy with a finisher move, default or premium.

  • Flash of Inspiration: Generate Orbs of Light from any Guardian source, including Masterworked weapons and Super abilities.

  • Impossible Heat: Kill enemies with Solar damage from any Guardian source, either weapon or ability.

  • Multifaceted Flavors: Kill two or more enemies in quick succession (Destiny 2 counts these as multikills).

  • Null Taste: Kill enemies with Void damage from any Guardian source, either weapon or ability.

  • Perfect Taste: Kill enemies with precision damage (headshots or shots to a critical point).

  • Personal Touch: Kill enemies with a melee attack. It doesn't need to be an activated ability; any melee kill will do.

  • Pinch of Light: Pick up Orbs of Light from any Guardian source, either masterwork weapon-created or generated by friendly Guardian Super.

  • Sharp Flavor: Kill enemies with swords.

  • Superb Texture: Kill enemies with any Super ability.

Dawning Cookies

Dawning cookies travel light years and pass between dimensions to reach their intended recipients. 

Remember, you need 15 Essence of the Dawning to bake any of these cookies or only 10 Essence once you’ve discovered all the recipes and Masterworked the Oven. In the event you get a recipe wrong, you will receive Burnt Edge Transits, which you can take to Master Rahool the Cryptarch at the Tower to refund any spent Essence of the Dawning.

For Dawning 2021, you’ll see all the ingredients to any recipe you don’t already have, but we’ve listed them here for completeness.

Here's an alphabetical list of each cookie and what it takes to bake. 

  • Alkane Dragee Cookies
    • Recipient: Sloane on Titan
    • Ingredients: Chitin Powder, Bullet Spray
  • Ascendant Apple Tart
    • Recipient: Mara Sov via her portal in the H.E.L.M
    • Ingredients: Taken Butter, Sharp Flavor
  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 
    • Recipient: Eris Morn on the Moon
    • Ingredients: Chitin Powder, Finishing Touch
  • Candy Dead Ghosts
    • Recipient: The Spider in the Tangled Shore
    • Ingredients: Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies
    • Recipient: Amanda Holliday at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Cabal Oil, Null Taste
  • Dark Chocolate Motes
    • Recipient: The Drifter at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Taken Butter, Null Flavor
  • Eliksni Birdseed 
    • Recipient: Hawthorne (actually Louis the Hawk) at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Personal Touch
  • Fractal Rolls
    • Recipient: Brother Vance on Mercury
    • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Pinch of Light
  • Fried Sha-dough 
    • Recipient: The Visage of Calus in the Trophy Hall
    • Ingredients: Dark Ether Cane, Superb Texture
  • Gentleman's Shortbread 
    • Recipient: Devrim Kay in the EDZ
    • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Perfect Taste
  • Gjallardoodles
    • Recipient: Zavala at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion
  • Hackberry Tart
    • Recipient: Benedict 99-40 at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Cabal Oil, Multifaceted Flavors
  • Hot Crossfire Buns
    • Recipient: Ada-1 at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies
    • Recipient: Petra Venj in the Dreaming City
    • Ingredients: Dark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat
  • Infinite Forest Cakes
    • Recipient: Failsafe on Nessus
    • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Impossible Heat
  • Javelin Mooncake 
    • Recipient: Ana Bray on Mars
    • Ingredients: Chitin Powder, Sharp Flavor
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies
    • Recipient: Saint-14 at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Personal Touch 
  • Radiolarian Pudding 
    • Recipient: Asher Mir on Io
    • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Electric Flavor
  • Strange Cookies
    • Recipient: Xur either in Xur's Treasure Horde or his Exotic vendor location on weekends
    • Ingredients: Taken Butter, Electric Flavor 
  • Telemetry Tapioca
    • Recipient: Banshee-44 at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Vex Milk, Bullet Spray
  • (Timeless) Stalwort Thins
    • Recipient: Exo Stranger on Europa
    • Ingredients: Dark Ether Cane, Dark Frosting
  • Thousand-Layer Cookie
    • Recipient: Riven in the Last Wish Raid (You need to activate the Riven boss fight and find a small snowglobe in the first area you drop into)
    • Ingredients: Taken Butter, Delicious Explosion
  • Traveler Donut Holes
    • Recipient: Ikora Rey at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration
  • Vanilla Blades
    • Recipient: Shaxx at the Tower
    • Ingredients: Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor

And there you go — every single recipe for Dawning cookies, and the ingredients you'll need to make them. Once you've discovered each Dawning recipe, you'll unlock the Masterwork version of Eva's Holiday Oven 2.1. The upgrade reduces the overall cost of each recipe, making farming them much easier.

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Published Dec. 20th 2021

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