Best Minecraft Worlds/Builds for the Artistically Challenged

Epic is not epic enough a description of these insane Minecraft builds.

I'm not a creative visionary like some of these guys.  It's seriously incredible what people can come up with in Minecraft.  I've tried to build some cool looking places and just never get anywhere near the artistic quality that the following do.  I think some of these buildings deserve a spot in art museums.  Despite the extreme detail many of these only took the builders under 10 hours to build!?

Some of these builds can be downloaded and played single player, others are servers that you must join to see.  Either way EPIC.

Minas Tirith

The coolest most awe inspiring fortitified city I've seen in any movie or depicted in any fantasy book.  I could be wrong and there could be some seriously awesome fictional cities that I haven't seen yet, but as of now this takes the cake.  Build by EpicQuestz

Download Here!


Disney World!

Never gotten the chance to go to Disney World?  Don't bother wasting the money anymore! This is just as good.  It's amazing how similar they made it, in fact the one that pops out at me the most is the Contemporary Resort which I stayed at once when I was very young and I actually remember it the most. Build by ParkitechsGaming.

Download Here!


Serroth Magus

This build only took 6 hours...  Incredible!  Build by Pixeled Me.

 Download Here!


Vikdal - Realm of the Skylords

 This is a SteamPunk themed build.  Again incredible.  Build by Lynchyinc.

 Download Here!

Recommended Texture Pack


SteamShire Island

Another SteamPunk themed build by the same creator Lynchyinc.

Download Here!

Recommended Texture Pack


Game of Thrones

This is a build by WesterosCraft which is completely creating the entire Game of Thrones map.  This build has been in the works for years and is still under construction.  The attention to detail and scale of this project is mind blowing.  This is a server you can join and not download to play on your own.

Download Server Data Here!


Lem Castle

This is a medieval castle built by a French group.  It took around 30 people to build and they all did it simultaneously and very quickly.  The time lapse video (below) is incredible.  Check out their website here.  The recommended Texture Pack can be found there as well.

Download Here!


World of Warcraft Recreated

This build was done by taking the real WoW file and translating it into Minecraft.  This task may sound easy but I assure you it was not.  He had to painstakingly go through 10000+ textures and ensure they were all correct for the translation.  Then the program took 24 hours straight to complete.  Build by Rumsey.

Download Here!


Imperial City

This hugely popular build is not even completed yet according to the author, but seriously check this out-it is insane.  Build  by Rigolo.

Download Here!

Official Texture Pack


Baghna Harbor

This amazing build has plans to become an adventure map.  Build by Ciscoqt.

Download Here!


Gates of Immortal

Holy... Shit...  The depth and detail in this build is insane.  Everywhere you go there is symmetrical perfection and cathedral genius.  Build by That Old Kid.

Download Here!

Published Apr. 11th 2013

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