7 Best Mods for PC Building Simulator

RTX 2080ti Watercooled

nVidia's newest flagship graphics card is now available for installation in PC Building Simulator. This monster of a card features some of the most innovative technologies to date, including:

  • Turing GPU Architecture, provides 6x the performance in comparison to the previous generation of graphics cards.
  • nVlink Bridge, a new SLI technology that allows for 50x faster data transfer than before.
  • GDDR6, the first graphics card to ever use the latest type of memory that offers increased bandwidth (16 Gbit/s) and lower operating voltages (1.35 V).

This mod also adds a water cooling system for the RTX 2080ti, so you can overclock it as much as you'd like to.

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Published Feb. 1st 2019

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