Holiday Season Brings More GameStop Employees

GameStop has made holiday plans to employ 17,000 workers, in various positions throughout GameStop. The only question is, why? Could it be the boom of next-gen consoles, or needing to aid parents in their holiday choices.

During Christmas time in the US, GameStop will be employing 17,000 extra staff. Since it's their busiest time of the year, they want to deliver a great service to their devoted customers. There are many different positions they're looking to fill, that will aid in that Christmas rush.

What jobs are available?

The plan to add 17,000 extra staff will be spread around different positions within GameStop. Of course there'll be in-store jobs, consulting parents about different consoles and video games, and refurbishment operations requiring an electronic technician. On a bigger picture, they need a few warehouse workers to distribute the products to the different stores nationwide. These jobs have pretty good flexible hours, and most are part-time. 

While being employed at GameStop, all the employees will receive a 15% discount on select products. Now that doesn't seem like a lot, but when it adds up, all discounts are beneficial to any gamer.

Why is GameStop employing more during this holiday season?

The senior Vice President of Human Resources, Mike Buskey, made a statement that will shed some light upon GameStop's holiday plan.

"Providing our customers a great experience is of paramount importance when it comes to defining who GameStop is as a retailer and delivering the total value we offer our customers."

"The holiday season is our busiest time of the year, accounting for approximately 40 per cent of our annual revenue. As we near the 2013 holiday season, and the upcoming launches of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, it is critical that we attract and retain high quality-talent both in our stores as well as in our consumer electronics refurbishment and distribution centres.”

Well there you have it folks. With the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One, like many would assume, GameStop will be focusing on distributing those next-gen consoles out to their customers in a timely fashion, while providing their outstanding service for all the other needs as well.

Will you be applying to GameStop, or ordering from their website? Share a comment with your GameStop holiday plans!

Published Sep. 30th 2013

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