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How to solve the Master of the Valley puzzle?

The Master of the Valley is the main antagonist of the game, and it is a weird one. You cannot say if it’s a living being or some alien AI, but you can definitely kill it.

It takes a few steps in order to solve the puzzle of the Master of the Valley. The first time you get inside the Master’s chamber, you will see that it is being protected by a black energy field. Use your mirror to dissolve the field, so that you can get closer to the glowing inner core.

This will reveal the spot on the upper platform, but you have to be fast here or the field will grow back and knock you off. As soon as you reach the upper rotating platform, insert your mirror into the slot and watch the rotating mechanism slow down. This will allow you to go up onto the roof, where Trico is expecting you.

The Master of the Valley will try to protect itself and send a signal that attracts all the Chimeras from around. They will attack Trico and tear its tail off. You need to stop them, and so you must go back down into the Master’s chamber.

As soon as you reach the Master once again, use your mirror on the inner core and watch it explode. This will kill the Master of the Valley.

Published Dec. 19th 2016

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