Prepare for the Twilight Assault in Guild Wars 2

The update coming on October 1 looks like it will include a new max-level dungeon in Caledon Forest.

The Living Story in Guild Wars 2 has taken players through some great new content.  Easily the most exciting and enjoyable of this content has been the clockwork horror invasions of the forces of Scarlet Briar.  Time limits, hordes of enemies, loot for the money-hungry, and unique item skins all combined with a bit of actual storyline that actually matters to the world of Tyria itself.  As exciting as the events were, Scarlet herself managed to avoid capture throughout it all, implying strongly that we would see more of her soon.

Soon appears to be defined best as 'very'.

The update, coming on October 1, 2013, will be called the Twilight Assault and it will be bringing players to one of my personal favorite places in the game, Caledon Forest.  Caithe is worried about some disturbing things she has seen in the forest, and is calling for players to look into it.

It all looks to be a new level 80 dungeon for everyone to enjoy with guards, traps, and a big monster at the end.  The preview video strongly implies Scarlet is behind whatever this monster is, so be ready for Guild Wars 2's newest villain to make another appearance.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the Twilight Assault!

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Published Sep. 24th 2013
  • Guades
    Damn you double post, I thought I left you at that other forum.
  • Guades
    I guess this reverts Scarlet from an unidentified faction into yet another member of the Nightmare Court. Kinda sad they made her even more generic than she already was.

    I'm interested in the rewards though, because god knows I didn't even manage to be present for a single tequatl kill...
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I am not so sure it relegates Scarlet to joining the Nightmare Court. Given all her previous backstory, I think it is far more likely she would be using the Nightmare Court to her own ends even if she was aligned with them at all, as the fiction provided for her rather resolutely rejects the idea of being a part of it.

    Given the imagery in the preview video, she seems much more likely to be teaming up with the Inquest, though since she's done so before such is almost certainly temporary.

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