XSplit Removes Watermark on Free Version

XSplit now offers a free HD version of their service sans watermark.

 XSplit is a well-known program used to stream games on websites like Twitch.TV. Up until now, the free version of it came stamped with a watermark and didn't allow you to stream in anything higher than 480p. The company announced changes to its free services earlier this week.

The upgraded free version lets you run streams at 30 fps in the 720p quality for both Gamecaster and Broadcaster programs. Gamecaster is more suitable for Twitch, with capture card support. The Broadcaster program is tailored to personalities and shows.

The second tier for these services is $4.95 a month and offers enhanced features, tools, and full HD broadcasting at 60 fps and above. The premium commercial version priced at $8.95 gives users access to all previously named features in addition to audio mixing, source effects, custom script plugins, and a live style editor.

Now's the perfect time to trial the service if you haven't already. Download the free version on XSplit's website.


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Source xsplit.com
Published Nov. 21st 2014
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