Watch Dogs Ad Pokes Fun at GTAV

Ubisoft drops a new ad poster for Watch Dogs

There are some pretty clever and sort of brave marketing people over at Ubisoft.  They know Grand Theft Auto V has the attention of the vast multitude of gamers right now, and they aren't gonna try to fight that.  They are, however, going to capitalize on it as best they can.

Yesterday amid all the GTA V hype, the Watch Dogs developers released a new ad poster for their game, which you can view below. The poster tells gamers that two months is enough time spent roaming about GTA's giant sandbox, and afterwards they should come check out Chicago in Watch Dogs.

The ad is likely just a playful jest, as both Ubisoft and Rockstar are both titans of the games industry, and they probably have a good competitive respect for one another. That said, Ubisoft needs to make sure that Watch Dogs gets sales, which is hard for any sandbox releasing around the same time as a Grand Theft Auto title. It seems like they took the high road, tossing out an ad to help their sales while making a playful nod to a popular competitor.

What do you guys think of the new ad? Sound of in the comments, and stay tuned to Gameskinny for more Watch Dogs and GTA V.

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Published Sep. 19th 2013

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