The Eevee Family Gets Funko-tized in New Funko Pop Line

The whole family's invited to the Funko party, because we needed an excuse to collect more Funko Pop.

It’s simply not possible to have too much Eevee. The Pokemon Company knows this and is partnering with Funko on yet another Pokemon Funko Pop line, this time featuring “An Afternoon with Eevee and Friends.”

The “Friends” in question are actually Eevee-lutions, and each figure will retail for $14.99. They’re all getting the Funko Pop treatment, from Flareon to Sylveon, though it’s only plain ol’ Eevee at first, starting February 18. The others will be released one per month in no discernible order from March through October:

  • Vaporeon — March 
  • Sylveon — April
  • Glaceon — May
  • Flareon — June
  • Espeon — July
  • Jolteon — August
  • Leafeon — September
  • Espeon — October

As you can see in the promotional image above, the Eevee and Friends Funko Pop set is ditching the characteristic “inspired by Tim Burton” style Funko is known for and adopting a more traditional Pokemon look.

There’s even a unique background for each as well, and they’ll form a unified display when combined — not that we really needed any more encouragement to buy them all.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon collectible news as we gather it.


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Published Feb. 14th 2020

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