New Giveaway to Hand Out 500,000 Beta Keys for Elder Scrolls Online

Still don't have a beta key for Elder Scrolls Online? No worries!

Even if you signed up for the beta test, you may not have received your code. Don't fret, though; publisher Bethesda says more are on the way.

According to the new announcement, they're currently sending out more beta invites, and they urge you to check our spam email folder. Also, if you're a Gmail user, don't forget to check your "Promotions" tab when you see the invite!

Another way to nab one includes taking part in the giveaway event hosted by official partner Curse. They're giving away a grand total of 500,000 beta keys between February 7 and 10. Only Curse premium members have access to the beta keys, and the giveaway ends at precisely 11:59 EST on February 10. So take advantage while you still can!

The beta test is penciled in for March, while the full game is scheduled to launch on PC and Mac on April 4. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will see it in June, which isn't that far off.

Testing is essential for this one

Sometimes, they hold beta tests that don't seem all that important. But in the world of MMORPGs, such tests are absolutely critical, and that's part of the reason why they invite so many gamers. It's your chance to give the developer valuable feedback so when the game launches, it won't be an unplayable mess...ala Final Fantasy XIV when it first showed up.

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Published Feb. 8th 2014

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