No Pre-Load Available for MGS 5 on PC

Pre-download a copy of MGS V on PC will not be an option.

Gamers waiting for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PC might be a little disappointed to know that a pre-loading option won't be available.

Over Twitter, Konami Community Manager Robert Allen Peeler said

"Unfortunitely, the PC Stream will not have a pre-load option." "However, players will be able to pre-load on consoles."

It's a pretty common practice for PC gamers to be able to pre download a game that's close to release, then it unlocks and is available to play once the release date hits. The PS4 has had this option for several months. 

Due to some technical mishaps, the PC version of MGS V will not be able to do this. Downloading will be available midnight on September 1st, when the game releases.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the last game under the eye of series creator Hideo Kojima as he and Konami have parted ways due to some hush-hish issues, but rumor has it it's money related.

MGS V will drop in September on PS4, PS3, Xbox ONE, Xbox 360 and PC. 


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Published Aug. 20th 2015

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