Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to Add Friends to Favorites

Adding friends in Xenoverse is a bit of a pain, but definitely possible.

Fun is best with friends, and duking it out in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is no different. Unfortunately adding other players to your Favorites list can be confusing unless they're standing right in front of you -- and chances are they won't be doing that on release weekend.

The game's servers have multiple Toki Toki instances, meaning there's a high chance you and a friend could be logged in and in the same area, but not be able to see or interact with one another.

To get around all that, you can simply use the Find Player function in the Player List as long as you have some information on your friend's character. Here's how:

1. Open your menu and go to Player List.

2. Choose Find Players

3. Input your friend's character information and search

You need three pieces of information to do this properly:

  1. Your friend's character name
  2. That character's race and gender (if applicable)
  3. Whether they are lower, higher, or about equal to you in level

Keep your friend's character name in mind so you can find them in the search results, otherwise you'll be out of luck!

After finding them, press the corresponding button to add them to your Favorites (A button on Xbox 360, Xbox One; X button on PS3 and PS4; Enter on keyboard). And with that, you're done! You can now find your friend in your Favorite List under the Player List menu.

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Published Feb. 27th 2015
  • Brocc_2345
    If you have played with your friend before, send them a gift. Then go back to the gift delivery place and go to past players. Hit the Triangle button to see your friends info. Then hit X.
  • Drizz_9449
    This video will explain how to do so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeLMWu6j8-g
  • Yungs0ck
    This is outrageous. No this does not work. Nothing works. i cant find or play with any of my friends, we all paid money for this to play with eachother...obviously. and it does not function, and the search function is useless. This game is very fun but what a waste of multiplayer.
  • Asha_9657
    My boyfriend and I are game sharing because we have 2 systems in our house. We have a friend that lives in Canada that wants to play with us but we can not find him in the lobby NOR on the search! It would be nice if we all spawned in the same server (lobby), that way we can favorite each other. It would be AMAZING if we could actually add our Psn friends to play this game abnd have vocal chats throughout the whole game. This game definitely needs some work. So far I'd give this game a rate of 2 out of 10!
  • jon_3128
    I don't see where I can filter players
  • TerriG
    My husband and I got the game, and we're literally standing next to each other in the same place .... and we can't find each other in the player search. Nothing works.

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

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