Sony Wins Big With Official Sales Data

Sony is winning big in overseas markets. Both the PS3 and PS4 are taking the top spots according to new sales data from Game Mania.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are selling well. Both consoles are taking over living rooms across the globe and it appears that people are generally happy with the new hardware. While the Xbox One has sold more in the US in December, it is increasingly appearing that the PS4 is dominating in oversea markets.

We have obtained some new info about how well the next-gen consoles are selling overseas, specifically in Belgium and The Netherlands. According to a list sent to press by Game Mania, a popular game retailer in those countries, it looks like Sony is doing very well. Both the PS3 and PS4 take two of the top three spots, while the Nintendo 3DS takes the other.

Here is the list of the top 10 consoles sold for each country:


1. PlayStation 3

2. Nintendo 3DS

3. PlayStation 4

4. PlayStation Vita

5. Xbox 360

6. Nintendo Wii

7. Nintendo Wii U

8. PlayStation Portable

9. Nintendo DS

10. OUYA


The Netherlands

1. Nintendo 3DS

2. PlayStation 3

3. PlayStation 4

4. Xbox 360

5. Nintendo Wii U

6. PlayStation Vita

7. Nintendo Wii

8. PlayStation Portable

9. Nintendo DS

10. OUYA

From the looks of it, Sony is having widespread success. The PS3 continues to sell well and the PS4 keeps gaining ground. It is interesting to see that the 3DS is keeping up with next-gen systems, and is completely dominating the handheld market. We needs to remember though, the Xbox One has not released in either Belgium or The Netherlands.

Unfortunately, we do not have exact sales numbers at this time but they are expected to release later today. 

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Published Jan. 17th 2014
  • Lalalala_7171
    1. Xbox One is NOT sold in Belgium & Netherlands.

    So what are we talking about? A market where the XboxOne isn't sold shouldn't be discussed here.
  • Big Bobby
    I suppose we're never going to get the exact figures ever. I couldn't care less about figures from each country or region, only worldwide figures. But the PS4 being over 1 million units ahead of the One is probable. In the US, the PS4 is cheap compared to the UK price. Even the One in the US is a much better buy than in the UK. There's no way the One can keep going at £430 in the UK and Europe. The PS4 will keep going worldwide, but the One will slow down in most countries forcing a price drop. And it'll have to be a sharp price drop. I won't part with my money until the One is £350 or under. And I think most gamers who want a One will be in the same boat.
  • Vritanis
    ANYONE that is an Xbox supporter is a genuine idiot! They purposely sabotaged the Xbox 360 to die (Red Ring of Death) to boost console sales, They pioneered the pay to play online campaign, they rushed Xbox One to market to compete with Sony producing a defective product, their whole mode of operation with this new platform is $$$$! They wanted you to pay for extra people in your living room using content and watch you via camera 24/7 and for people without internet "that's what Xbox 360 is for" said Xbox CEO. They originally wanted to code their games to prevent trade-ins They changed a lot of their original plans because of negative feedback but don't think that they wont resurface in the future once the system gets a foothold. Just the thought of them attempting this should be sounding alarms in your heads! They only care about $$$$ You cant even upgrade to a larger hard drive. I'm sure they are planning to milk this with releasing other systems with more memory forcing people to buy another Xbox One...why would you support these guys?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    To have a problem with game companies making money is having a problem with video games. The more money they make, the more games they'll make. To think they deliberately put in the Red Ring of Death is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, yes they probably could have noticed and fixed it earlier in development, but on purpose??? NOO. After a quick search, the red ring of death directly cost Microsoft 1 BILLION dollars. Yes, with a B. Microsoft purposefully set themselves up to lose 1 Billion dollars? Totally, makes total sense.

    You're whole rant about the always online is another example of how I find it hilarious. The camera thing and charging for everyone in the room, put something over your kinect, problem solved. Preventing trade-ins? Guess what they REALLY planned to do. Yes, go the DRM way, but there was an extremely amazing up-side to it. No need for physical disk to start. Second, you buy the game once? Well in 1000 years, you would still own it, physical copy or not. Third, and this is the best one, the family plan they had. You would have been able to form a "family" of 10 people. Within this 'family' you can trade games, no charge (I should mention, trade online, no physical trading, doesn't matter if there is 18,000 miles between us, you can play my game in seconds). Therefore, a group of 10 friends could start just buying 1/10th of the games and share between each other. The only time more than one copy would need to be bought was when it was a multiplayer game that you all agree you would want to play together. There were so many advantages that completely outweighed the "problems" with always online. But of course, the internet ragers can't handle change.
  • Sjoerd_8883
    Why still buys a PSP?!
  • Emilio_2313
  • John_8627
    Honestly….who cares?

    Just turn on your console and play your favorite games.
  • Jonesin_6591
    You're comparing the XONE sales to PS4 sales in countries the One isn't even released in.
  • House_8561

    problems solved.
  • xdroneeshouldbethenewname
    Lol at someone trying to say that more then 1.5 MILLION more units sold is not dominating the competition!!! And to the dummy saying that because Sony could not make enough ps4's to sell and at ever store you see at least 3-5 drones the December sales reflect total sales numbers?? Kid come on, try harder then that. Oh, by the way to all u saying that Sony only has the lead cuz it is released n more countries and released a week earlier, where were you when the Xbox 360 released a year earlier and the ps3 has sold more overall but you guys didn't want to say anything to that did you??? You guys are to funny..... lol
  • game skinny is a joke
    Wow belgium and the netherlands?what a waste of an article, this guy must be desperate to see ps4 sell well. I think he's sad like the other ps nerds that xbox is putting up more of a fight than expected. Its simple, ps4 is a boring run of the mill console with no games now or foreseeable future. Thats y xbox is embarrassing it right now.just accept it gameskinny, ur sad tiny world won't end cos of ur console of choice is getting beat...
  • Reality Check_3587
    How did Sony win big when it was XB1 that came in number 1 in hardware and software sales in the U.S for Dec and it did that while costing a 100.00 more and had the worst PR launch in video game history? Not to mention it's only 1.2 million behind PS4 in WW sales while having the same issues and it's sold in 40 less countries (13 to 53) I think with all the problems XB1 started out with it's XB1 that's the big winner here.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    VGChartz is not a very accurate source, for the record. However, the NPD results said the PS4 was the best-selling console in the November/December span, which means that indeed, it has sold more than the Xbox One in the US.

    However, Xbox One did outsell the PS4 in this country in December, although a lot of that could be due to the lack of PS4's availability.
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Good catch man. Thanks. I don't know why that part of my sentence was cut off, but yes, the article should have read the "While the Xbox One has sold more in the US in December"
  • Anders_2853
    Xbox One has NOT sold more in the US. But it has almost reached PS4 which is good for the Xbox since its more expensive.
    Source: vgchartz

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