Nintendo Spreads Some Cheer This Holiday Season

Nintendo surprises some flight passengers with an awesome gift: A Wii U!

Nintendo knows that the fans are the reason the company is still going strong, in spite of recent disappointments in sales numbers in the home console market. That doesn’t stop the company from spreading joy during this holiday season.

On a SouthWest flight from New Orleans to Dallas, more than 100 people got a great surprise. Nintendo decided to do a little PR and each person on the flight walked away with a brand new Wii U. According to one passenger on the flight, everyone was in disbelief before becoming very excited. He said,

“Everyone was clapping and cheering. You don’t see that on a flight every day. It’s pretty fun, pretty exciting!”

Nintendo also released an official video of the giveaway on its YouTube channel. You can view it below:

With Thanksgiving on the way, it’s nice to see stories like this. One could argue that Nintendo only did this for the publicity, but so what? I say ‘Good on ya Nintendo! Well done!’

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Published Nov. 26th 2013
  • Kageneko622
    WOW, that would be an incredible experience of pure chance. Love to see things like that happen in the world. Congrats to all those that got them :D

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