City of Titans: Funded With Over $675K Pledged

City of Titans finishes it's Kickstarter campaign with over twice it's initial goal.

Now that the Kickstarter for City of Titans has ended, the total reached was $678,189 from 5,003 backers. For a fan's response to the shutting down of City of Heroes, that's pretty impressive.

The artwork is stunning and feels really comic book like.

As a member of several MMORPG communities, I can relate to the desire to keep a game alive. When the people you've been gaming with for three to five years start losing interest in the game it really hurts the overall feel of a game. So I could imagine what the players of City of Heroes felt when the game was shut down. Luckily the team at Missing Worlds Media had an answer for the City of Heroes community.

This building is really impressive for just a model. I want to see what the finished texturing for it will look like.

In total, City of Titans brought in over double what Missing Worlds Media asked for in their original goal. This enabled them to hit six of their stretch goals. Additional powers, wings, auras, several travel animations, and both a PC and Mac version of the game. So grab your capes and get ready to suit up in City of Titans!

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Published Nov. 4th 2013

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