Weed Growing Game Taken Down By Apple

Manitoba Games plans to fight to get their game back on the market after Apple yanks it from the App Store.

The top free app in the Apple App Store for a couple of days was the game known as "Weed Firm." The game quickly rose to the top of the charts and received all around good reviews from players.

The game followed a marijuana dealer named Ted Growing and the player's objective was to buy, grow, or sell weed and be a successful dealer - sounds controversial, right? Well, Apple thought so too.

Apple Takes the App Down


Apple reevaluated their support of the game and decided to take it off the store. Creators, Manitoba Games, made a blog post about the ordeal. They said that the decision to take the game down was solely based on Apple's strict requirements and they admitted that it still doesn't make sense. 

"This was entirely Apple's decision, not ours. We guess the problem was that the game was just too good and got to number one in All Categories, since there are certainly a great number of weed based apps still available, as well as games promoting other so-called 'illegal activities' such as shooting people, crashing cars, and throwing birds at buildings."

Apple seems a bit more strict these days with their requirements for apps, with the denial of the female masturbation app just a couple of days ago, but I've never heard of them just taking down an app without complaints from consumers. 


Problems on Other Devices as Well

The Google Play Store also took down the app but the team at Manitoba Games says that is was because they had a problem with the publisher, not that Google had a problem with the content.

Manitoba Games plans on fighting to get their game back on the market according to their blog post stating:

"If we let hypocrites determine what content is suitable for us we will soon all be watching Teletubbies instead of Breaking Bad and playing... oh I don't know… nothing good comes to mind, without some form of 'illegal activity' or other really."

Should Weed Firm be put back on the app store since they approved the application in the first place? Do you think Apple reneging their decision to have the app was right? Tell us what you think below!

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Published May. 22nd 2014

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