Bioshock and Halo Devs Team Up for The Flame in the Flood

The first title from The Molasses Flood takes players on a journey of survival in a post-societal world

Various people behind the games Bioshock, Halo, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, including the Art Director for Bioshock, have all joined together to form the developing company The Molasses Flood. 

The Molasses Flood recently launched a KickStarter for their PC and Mac game The Flame in the Flood, "a rogue-like river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America." In the game the player must keep a girl, named Scout, alive as she and her dog Aesop travel down a river, fighting off starvation, predators, and the elements. Scout is trying to survive in a world where civilization as we know it has ceased to exist, though according to the game's Kickstarter page, the setting is more a  "post-societal" rather than post-apocalyptic one. 

The gameplay footage shown in the trailer gives a taste of just how important it is to consider all of the different adversities one might face in the situation Scout is in. There are warnings that pop up, letting the player know that Scout is hungry, thirsty, cold, tired, and they get worse the more she goes without taking care of that problem. Scout can do this by searching for items and crafting them. 

After recently exceeding their goal of $150, 000, The Molasses Flood is currently raising money for their stretch goals, with 20 more days left to go. Find out more about the game take a look at the Kickstarter page, here. 



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Published Oct. 18th 2014

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