Blizzard Discusses How It's Handling Bugs In WoW Classic

WoW Classic developers are hard at work squashing bugs players have found in the game's demo. But not everything will be changed. Here's what we know based on a recent developer post.

As the official release of Blizzard's nostalgia fix, World of Warcraft Classic, looms on the horizon, the developers are still hard at work addressing bugs found by players in the game's demo.

Since the release of the demo, players have been busy making a wide variety of reports concerning myriad instances they don't feel work right, and the devs have been going over each of them.

Today, Blizzard Community Manager Kaivax published a post on the game's forums addressing some — but definitely not all — of the instances they've looked at so far.

The interesting thing to note is that while the post covers a few of the changes the devs have made as a result of player reporting, such as critical strike rating, Rogue Energy, players receiving pushback when using ranged attacks, and Dodge, Parry, and Miss occurring less frequently than they should, quite a few things have not been touched at all as despite what players seem to remember; they function as they did in the original version of the game.

That said, the developers did note that players were correct about health regeneration and spell critical hit multipliers. This is something that they fixed prior to the release of the demo — meaning it worked fine in the developer environment, but somehow the demo version was faulty.

Other issues the developers looked at, but didn't "fix" because they were working as intended, were Warlock demon summoning and how fast Kobolds at Jangolode Mine run.

Players shouldn't be disheartened by this, however, as their reporting has resulted in a laundry list of fixes that need to be fixed before the game officially launches.

Overall, the developers are working to fix core game systems, combat, and content before addressing any of the more aesthetic concerns. And no; not everything that's reported will be fixed it seems.

If you're curious about the changes being made to WoW Classic and would like to ask the developers questions, the forum thread mentioned above can be found here.

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Published Mar. 1st 2019

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