Exploding Kittens Cheat Code for a Free Avatar Pack

Use this code that actually works to get an Exploding Kittens avatar pack for free!

Whoever thought a game about defusing exploding kitty cats (or throwing them at your friends to save yourself) would become such a powerhouse in the tabletop world?

Exploding Kittens absolutely destroyed Kickstarter records when it was first announced as a crowd-funding campaign, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that a mobile version is now available.

Just as the base tabletop card game has expansions, so too does the Android/iOS version of Exploding Kittens feature a variety of additional decks and avatar packs available ... for a little extra money.

But this is the Internet Age, and paying money for things is so 2000. As it turns out, there are, in fact, Exploding Kittens cheat codes that will unlock expansion passes for the much more preferable price of $0.

Exploding Kittens settings.

Working Exploding Kittens Codes

After a lot of searching sketchy sites (with more than a few pings from my antivirus software) and a couple of hours of typing in random codes to see what worked, it turns out there's only one Exploding Kittens cheat code currently active.

How to Activate Exploding Kittens Codes

To get the code working, tap the Settings button in the lower-right corner of the screen after you first load the app (and before you start an online match with a friend or random player).

From there, tap the black kitten with the "Have A Code?" text bubble, then tap the text box at the center of the screen to bring up your keyboard. Enter the code JACKANOPE! (yes, it is in all caps and includes the exclamation point at the end) to unlock some free Exploding Kittens content!

The JACKANOPE! code unlocks the Fierce Avatar Pack for free, offering up three new avatars of a sword-wielding purple octopus, a crazy bat/bear thing that's gone feral, and a soldier cat screaming about something very unpleasant and best left unsaid.

While this Exploding Kittens free avatar pack code is working now, there's no guarantee it will stay active forever, so jump on it while you still can before the developers deactivate it from the database.

The free avatar pack.

Non-Working Exploding Kittens Codes

While JACKANOPE! is confirmed to work, there are plenty of older codes that have since been culled.

You'll see these cheat codes floating around the web at sites insisting they've been updated just a handful of days ago, but after extensive testing, we can verify that none of these work now (if they ever did work at all).

It is possible they may circle back into rotation, but more likely you are just wasting your time by trying to input these non-functioning codes:

Expansion Pass Cheat Code 1 Cheat Code 2
 Party Expansion Pack  SbcBW6lN_bz  nof67JmcQW
 Animals Avatar Pack  uKVg1qZf_SC  mgNrVaO6U0
 Food Avatar Pack  c6YE7QUa_DJ  09uA2BKXix
 Betrayal Expansion Deck  uUFbX9-K_y-  3FCmFIELfU
 Avatar Pack: Science Vs. Religion  oVyLMQRn_qx  ex2MP26Ks0


 Get ready to see this screen a lot if you try the various online "cheat codes."

Have you found any other Exploding Kittens cheat codes that are actually functioning? Let us know what codes worked for you in the comments below, and we'll get them added to the list!

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Published Mar. 22nd 2018

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