Nintendo Confirms: A New Mario is In The Works

Nintendo says they've started work on the latest Mario...but what platform will it be on?

Mario will never die. Nor should he!

When we will get the next official entry in the long-running iconic franchise? Well, we don't know exactly. We also don't know which platform it'll be on (Wii U or 3DS). However, we do know that Nintendo is working on it, so that's something.

During a recent Edge interview, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed that Nintendo is indeed cranking away on the next Mario game. He just won't divulge any details at this time.

"That's still a secret! I can tell you, though, that we've already started approaching our next challenge."

Koizumi added that his team continues to find new ways to innovate in the platforming genre. Yeah, platforming, remember? It still exists, and it's still pretty darn entertaining. As he said, "there's still a lot more room for discovery and invention," so they'll keep seeking freshness in that genre.

Some think the new project will be a follow-up to the widely acclaimed Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. If so, the game will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated in Nintendo history.

Nintendo also manages to produce Mario entries that feel fresh and fun. Maybe it's just because this is an inherently fun series to begin with...but it's not all about nostalgia. Great games are great games! :)

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Published Apr. 8th 2014

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