5 Pokemon Spinoffs That Don't Suck

Pokemon GO

Of course, Pokemon GO is on our list. It’s almost impossible not to include it on any best Pokemon spinoff list. Tons of people love it — even folks who normally wouldn’t touch a Pokemon game.

Entire communities as large and vibrant as the mainline Pokemon communities have spun up around it. The real success, though, is how GO has developed since launch. 

Traveling around (safely) to find new ‘mon hanging around your town is fun, and training them is fun. Until it gets old fast. Expanded Gym battles, PvP battles, and regular rollouts of new Pokemon have kept things fresh since GO first released.  Regular events help in a big way too, like the recent Team GO Rocket Shadow Pokemon event.

And best of all, it’s a live service game that doesn’t try and eat your wallet. It’s totally possible to do and obtain everything you want just by enjoying the game — unless you live in a rural area with terrible service like me, in which case you’re left watching sadly from the outside.

Probably the most impressive part of GO is how Niantic’s adapted it to work in the coronavirus climate. The get out and walk game can be played and enjoyed at home, which really should have been the case to begin with for accessibility reasons. 

But regardless, it’s a different way to make Pokemon a fun part of your daily routine and probably does a better job than the mainline games of achieving The Pokémon Company’s goal of uniting everyone around Pokemon.

Published Jul. 29th 2020

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