Crytek Tease Alpine Terrain in New Trailer for The Climb

Crytek tease a new envornnment, The Alps, for their VR rock climbing sim The Climb.

Crytek have unveiled a trailer for a new environment in their virtual reality rock climbing simulator, The Climb, which will have players scaling harsh terrains based on real world climbing locations.

In the short teaser we get a good look at the vast, craggy landscape of The Alps, and it's as gorgeous as you'd expect from a Crytek game. It certainly looks set to be a hair-raising experience; I don't imagine looking down gets any easier in VR.

The Climb has yet to recieve a release date but, being an Oculus Rift exclusive, it's expected it will be available shortly after the device's launch on the 28th of March. It looks like it will have plenty of company after Oculus announced the VR headset will have 30 launch titles at this years GDC.

For those interested in the game's progress or who missed previously revealed locations, you can get all the latest updates from the games official blog.

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Published Mar. 16th 2016

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