Getting Started in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Looking to get into Elder Scrolls Online but feeling a bit lost? This guide will help get you pointed in the right direction!

With the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind finally available, it's likely to attract some new players. If you're one of those new players, then welcome to Vvardenfell! There's lots for you to do here, from running PvE delves to testing your mettle in the 4v4v4 Battlegrounds mode. 

There's plenty of content in the new expansion for veteran players to sink their teeth into as well, like the new Warden class. The Battlegrounds also offer a fresh PvP experience for those players who have already conquered everything else Tamriel has to offer. 

How to Get to Vvardenfell and Start the Morrowind Expansion

There are a number of different ways that a player can gain access to Vvardenfell and start their journey through the ESO: Morrowind DLC. What it comes down to is if you’re wanting to experience this expansion with an existing character, start a new character, or are a completely new player to the game.

Below, we'll break down how you can start this new journey depending on what point of entry you want to use.

If you've already been playing ESO, and have a character that you want to play through the new content, you're going to have to do a quest before you can gain access to the new area. You’ll need to go to a nearby inn and look for the quest starter for “The Missing Prophecy.”

After completing that quest you’ll get the Twilight Shard -- a memento item -- as well as the ability to travel to the Seyda Neen wayshrine in Vvardenfell.

Existing Account With a New Character

If you have already been playing ESO, but decided to make a new character for a fresh experience (or to try the Warden), then you’ll have the option to take your new character through the new ESO: Morrowind tutorial level.

Whether or not you do the tutorial is up to you. If you choose to skip it, you’ll end up at the docks in Seyda Neen.

New Account, New Character

Much like the above scenario, if you’re new to the game and are making your first character, then you’ll go through the new ESO: Morrowind tutorial -- but won’t have the option to skip out of it. You’ll also end up at the docks in Seyda Neen at the end of the tutorial.

If you decide to create another character later on, you’ll be able to skip the tutorial if you don’t feel like going through it more than the one time.

The Warden Class

One of the biggest additions to the base game with the Morrowind expanion is the the Warden class. The Warden is a druid-like class that focuses on using natural magic and the aid of animal companions to help out in fights or give the player and their team some useful buffs. I go into more detail on the strengths of this class in my beginner's Warden guide, so check it out if you're interested in rolling a new character!

Fancy yourself the adventurous type? Luckily for you, 6 new delves are available in Vvardenfell -- Ashalmawia, Khartag Point, Matus-Akin Egg Mine, Nuchuleft, Pulk, and Zainsipilu. 

These delves are a great new addition and really showcase the beauty of Vvardenfell -- especially Nuchuleft, which is quite the dwarven ruin.

You can find the rest of the delves in the following areas:

  • Ashalmawia: West Gash region Northeast of Gnisis
  • Khartag Point: West of Ald'ruhn near the coast
  • Matus-Akin Egg Mine: Northeast of Molag Mar
  • Nuchuleft: West of Vos
  • Pulk: South of Nuchuleft
  • Zainspilu: Right outside of Seyda Neen

Battlegrounds PvP Mode

For those of you who like to test your mettle against your fellow players, there is a new PvP mode added by the expansion in the form of the Battlegrounds. The Battlegrounds offers 3 game modes -- Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. You can take part in the new PvP once you're over level 10, so new players will have to grind a bit before they can get in on the action.

The best part about this new PvP is that it focuses on smaller scale combat with games being 4v4v4 battles and in arena-style "maps."

  • Capture the Flag: Plays like any other CTF game. Your 4-man team captures one of the other team's flags while defending your own.
  • Team Deathmatch: Pits you in a 3-way battle -- 4v4v4 -- with no rules or objectives other than killing others before/more than they can kill you. 
  • Domination: The slightly more strategic mode where you are tasked with capturing and holding objective points -- gaining points for every location held by your team. 

All modes are won in the same manner -- the team that reaches the point limit first, or has the most points by the end of the match, is the winner. 

Extra Tips For Newcomers

Veterans will know a lot of this already, but for those newcomers to ESO, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don't waste your gold on buying gear early game. It's overpriced and you'll frequently get gear as quest rewards and dungeon drops.
  • Do spend that money on a mount and upgrades for it. You could also buy a larger bag for carrying more loot.
  • Gather and store all your crafting materials in your personal bank account. It saves space on your character and it's accessible from the crafting workbenches.
  • Make sure to have a few extra lockpicks when you're wandering around. You tend to find chests in the most random spaces and it's easy to loot once you get good at the lockpicking minigame.

Hopefully, this helps you to start your journey into the wonderful world of Vvardenfell. If you need a few more tips for this game, check out the rest of our ESO guides as well.


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Published Jun. 9th 2017

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