Elite: Dangerous Gameplay Teaser Trailer

With only two weeks to go until the end of the Kickstarter fund-raising period, Elite: Dangerous developers release more information in a bid to bring back the classic.

With only two weeks remaining to achieve the Kickstarter goal of £1.25m (US$2m), the developers of Elite: Dangerous have released a tantalising new video showcasing the game engine in action and hinting at the play styles that are planned for the multiplayer space-sim.

The video, running to just over a minute long, gives an impression of the art style and ambience of Elite: Dangerous' universe, with shots of orbital space stations and crater-pocked moons, a frenetic spaceship dogfight through an asteroid field and a chaotic pirate ambush of a cargo ship.

Also recently published, was an eight minute video of Frontier Developments CEO and lead Elite developer David Braben discussing the ongoing development strategy and future features of Elite: Dangerous. In it, he discusses the approach to planetary surface exploration and how they have grand plans which they have earmarked for “future expansions” but will initially be “closed off”.

Braben says, “The important thing for me is that we do each section of the game right. We do it in a way that doesn't cause problems for the players. We do it in a way that builds on what we have before.” He also mentioned their hopes to release Elite: Dangerous on multiple platforms, “like Macintosh and there are others too.”

Providing Elite: Dangerous meets its Kickstarter goal before 4 January 2013, the target release date for Elite: Dangerous is March 2014.


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Published Sep. 13th 2013

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