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What are your Concerns for Elder Scrolls Online? Good or Bad.

posted by (Master O' Bugs) 7 years ago

I'm concerned for ESO for many reasons. The number one reason is how hyped the game is. Under promise and over deliver is extremely important and I'm afraid they are approaching the opposite of that.

  • Chai Chien Liang
    Now it's released on Steam for half price and apparently has undergone many significant changes, but I still refuse to play MMORPGs with subscriptions as long as games like Guild Wars 2 are around :)
  • Ste Grainer
    Featured Correspondent
    I think hype is more essential to an MMO than a typical single-player game, as long as the company delivers on that hype.

    Probably the single most important aspect of an MMO is the community, and developers NEED to be able to deliver a decent-sized community on opening day (or as soon as possible thereafter) in order to make it the best possible experience. Gameplay, end-game, and bugs can be addressed over time, but you can't "fix" the experience of logging into an empty MMO.

    The major concern I have is how they'll balance the experience across two very different types of platform - it's one thing to make a single-player game that can be played on PC or console. There are simply some things that are difficult to do well on a console vs. a PC, and vice versa.

    PC strengths for an MMO:
    - the sheer number of controls available (1-10 for actions, everything orbiting WASD, control key combos)
    - the ease of switching between communication channels (how do you switch between Ventrilo, raid, whisper, guild, general chat on a console?)
    - moddable (tweak the UI, the information you get back, and more)
    - more easily patchable (though this may be addressed by auto-updating in newer consoles)

    Console strengths for a potential MMO:
    - lighter codebase due to hardware support
    - better graphics and a more immersive experience
    - simpler, more intuitive controls that require less fiddling

    The other major question is their business model, which I don't believe has been addressed yet. I'm not sure if consoles have built-in mechanisms yet for monthly recurring subscriptions, but free-to-play has its own pluses and minuses.

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