Dragon Quest Tact Best Monsters Tier List Guide

Check out this guide for the best monsters tier list in the global release of Dragon Quest Tact.

Dragon Quest Tact, is now available worldwide, bringing a new twist to the Dragon Quest formula onto mobile. It includes a ton of monsters from the series, a bit akin to the Monsters spin-offs. This guide will provide you with the tier list of the best monsters in the game.

Not all monsters from the original Japanese version have made it into the global release yet, but there are still some amazing leaders to choose from that can carry your whole team to the victorious finish.

SS-Tier Monsters

Wight King

  • Leader perk: Spell power +10%

This zombie king is clearly the best leader in the game, especially for spell-based teams, due to his spell power boost.

Wight King is predominantly a long-range attacker with high damage that can wipe out multiple enemies at a time depending on his position.

He uses a lot of MP on his spells, but as soon as he reaches the first stage of Awakening, he will start producing extra MP to support his spell abilities.

The two best weapons for Wight King are:

  • Skull Cane
  • Tenbatsu Cane

Killer Machine

  • Leader perk: Physical power +20%

If you prefer physical damage to that of magical, then the best choice of leader would be Killer Machine.

This robot has an ability to attack enemies in all surrounding blocks, and also boost the physical power of his allies within 5x5 blocks. It also means that your team must predominantly consist of physical monsters, or his skills won't be too effective.

In case Killer Machine focuses on a single target, then he can deal massive 270% damage using his slashing attack.

The two best weapons for Killer Machine are:

  • Fubuki Sword
  • Castle Hammer

S-Tier Monsters

Slime Emperor

  • Leader perk: Slime power +30%

This monster's slime power combines spell power that boosts the attacking damage of allies and physical power that increases Slime Emperor's own durability and resistances.

In this regard, this leader can also serve as an excellent supporter due to his healing ability, which can be applied to all allies at once.

His slime powers also influence his MP regeneration, which is important for his spell-based skills.

The two best weapons for Slime Emperor are:

  • Slime Wand
  • Slime Dagger

Royal Reptile

  • Leader perk: Dragon power +30%

This dragon leader is mainly focused on physical damage, but he can also use spells and influence spell-based allies.

His biggest advantage is a single-target attack that deals 410% damage, which would be deadly to any enemy unit.

Reptile's slashing attacks get even more powerful as soon as he becomes awakened. He also gets a number of important resistances in that case.

The two best weapons for Royal Reptile are:

  • Dragon Fang Sword
  • Thunder Sword

A-Tier Monsters

Hell Gladiator

  • Leader perk: Enemy poison resistance -50%

The Poison status effect packs a real wallop in Dragon Quest Tact, which instantly makes Hell Gladiator a great leader.

All of his main attacks are poison-based, and with the help of his leader perk, they get really strong.

Gladiator is also an excellent tank character with a huge health pool. If he is awakened, he can also heal himself up.

You can increase his HP and resistances even further by giving him the Immortal Sword weapon.

Prism Peacock

  • Leader perk: Spell power +10%

The Peacock is designed entirely for ranged combat. This means that you can place him anywhere on the battlefield and he will still be able to attack.

Just like any other spell-based monster, he consumes a lot of MP. That's why it's essential to awaken him, since that's when he starts to regenerate his own MP.

Prism Peacock can also benefit from physical-based weapons that will increase his resistances, such as:

  • Jaguar Claw
  • Beast Sword
  • Magma Wand


  • Leader perk: Enemy spell resistance -25%

Here is another bird-monster that focuses on reducing the spell power of his enemies. This makes Hybird an excellent choice against all spell-based units.

Hybird is a ranged attacker and doesn't care much about positioning. He also has a special skill that puts enemies to sleep, which can be great in case some enemy unit gives you a lot of trouble.

One of the best strategies to use on Hybird is to change his positions frequently. In order to do this you need weapons that will increase his speed of movement, such as:

  • Taiki's Claw
  • Flame Claws

Those are the best monsters in Dragon Quest Tact. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then consider giving it a share.


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Published Feb. 3rd 2021

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