New Concept Art For Dragon Age: Inquisition Released

The Dragon Age Facebook page treats us to a new piece of art, and the hype train starts to pull away from Bioware station.

*20/07/2013 UPDATE* - For another new piece of concept art and more information about the game, head here!

And so it begins.

Yesterday, the Dragon Age facebook page released a new piece of absolutely stunning concept art for the upcoming 2014 title. If the dev team follows their typical pattern, this will be the first of hundreds of carefully parcelled out tidbits designed to rouse interest in newcomers to the franchise and send existing fans into a speculative frenzy. 

As one of those aforementioned fans, I'm going to hazard a guess that the castle featured is the same one featured here, and that said castle is on the Orlesian side of the Frostback Mountains. 

What do you think of this new art? Where in the world of Thedas do you think Inquisition is going to take us. I have a few ideas, but I can't wait until 2014 to find out!



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Published Jul. 20th 2013
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I really hope we find out where Morrigan went once and for all.

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